If you wish to participate in the auctions of Artex.auction (AA), you must register with your real name and address.
During the registration process, you will be asked to choose the status of the auction participant from two options: Vendor (Seller) and Customer (Buyer).
If you want to buy the works of art you should choose a Customer(Buyer) option.
Unfortunately, you cannot be both a Vendor(Seller) and a Customer(Buyer) at the same time, as they are subject to different auction pricing policies, so if you want to not only buy but also sell, you should also register as a Vendor.

Customer (Buyer) Registration:

During the registration, you should add your actual e-mail address, receive the message from AA and verify the e-mail address by clicking the link. After that, you will be redirected to the Dashboard of the “My Account” page of our website.

Customer(Buyer) Registration fee:

To participate in the auction, all Buyers are required to pay a registration fee (a “subscription”), which is necessary not only to cover organizational costs but also in order to weed out real buyers from just curious visitors and stop unfair actions on their part.

How to subscribe:

Please go to your Account Dashboard and find the MT Subscriptions menu item to check your registration status and get a subscription.
It is here:

Where to find the subscription
The subscription (registration fee) varies depending on the duration of access to auctions and regular products and has 1-month, 6-month, and annual access. Nearly all of our long-term current members enjoy the best and the most profitable annual Pro Package access level.

Please select the desired option, pay for it, and the subscription will be provided immediately after the payment process is completed.

Please see the picture below:

please choose the subscription


How to check the status:

After paying for the required option, the purchased subscription will be visible in your control panel at:
My account -> MT Subscriptions

How to check the user's status


Buyers pay no commission for buying from Artex.auction.

Time of Auction.

The beginning of the online auction starts at the time set by the Auctioneer or the Vendor and ends at the time set by them also.
Each Lot has a different start and end time of the auction.

Bidding increment.

Bid increment is set by the Vendor during placement of the Lot for auction and depends on the initial price of the Lot. The bid increment cannot be increased depending on the price increase.
But you can always increase your own bid by entering your desired price.


Bidding begins with the first bid, where online bidders bid up using the “Bid” button in agreement to purchase the item at a price one step higher than previously announced.
The auction participant who offered the highest price for each Lot after the end of the auction becomes the Buyer and is obliged to pay the goods to the Auctioneer within 3 days.

If the bid for the purchase of the Lot has not reached the reserve price set by the Seller, the auction is considered invalid and the Lot is re-listed after some time has passed (usually after 1 hour).

In order for the auction to take place, the Buyer may single-handedly increase the bid until the reserve price is reached.

We ask you to be very serious about your actions when participating in the auction.
The Buyer who bids on any Lot hereby confirms that he is satisfied with the physical condition, age and description of such Lot, and also that he accepts these conditions of sale.
If you won the auction and did not pay for the lot within 3 days, you will be excluded from the list of Buyers and blocked from future registrations by various technical methods.
In this case, the registration fee (subscription) is non-refundable.

Property rights to the Lot are transferred to the Buyer only after payment in full for the Lot.
The Buyer pays for the purchased Lots in the currency of the auction.
If the Buyer has not paid in full for any Lot within 3 days of the end of the auction, such Lot may at any time thereafter, at the discretion of the Auctioneer, be re-bid at auction or be sold privately.


Please note that shipping costs will be calculated during checkout and depends on the location of the Buyer.
Each Lot owned by the Auctioneer and sold to the Buyer at auction will be shipped to the Buyer by the Auctioneer, with shipping costs depending on the Buyer’s location and subject to an additional charge.
Each Lot owned by the Vendor and sold to the Buyer at the auction is sent to the Buyer by the Vendor and is owned by the Vendor until the goods are sent to the Buyer.