Artex Auction (AA)  Vendor registration:
Before you can use our Services, you must create a Vendor account (“Account”). However, if you are minor or otherwise legally incompetent, you must obtain permission from your legal guardian(s).
Adding your artworks to the auction is free, but to get this feature you must activate the Vendor’s Package through a virtual purchase worth 0 US$.
After you are approved by the administrator, you will be able to create your store and add your artworks with the ability to edit.
Please note, that there are rules for Vendors that you must strictly adhere to:

Provide accurate information.
When creating an Account, you must provide complete and true information about yourself and/or your company. You may not provide false information, impersonate another person and/or company through your Account, or use your Account on behalf of another person.
Our auction is not responsible for any damage caused by false or inaccurate information provided by the Vendor.
Choose the correct username and the name of your store.
Your Seller and store name must be appropriate and must not be considered offensive, vulgar or misleading, nor may it infringe the intellectual property rights or other rights of third parties.

How to add the artwork.

Steps to add an item to an online auction:
1. Add a photo of at least 1200 x 1200 px, 72 dpi resolution. Do not add one big and “heavy” photo. It is better to add additional photos to help describe your work more accurately.
2. Add an accurate description of the artwork, indicating whether it is signed by the author or not.
3. Add the author’s name.
4. Add the size of the painting in centimeters (unframed).
5. Add the exact name of the materials from which the work is done, for example, “Canvas/oil” or “Canvas on cardboard/acrylic”. Remember that the buyer has the right to refuse the purchase if it turns out that you incorrectly indicated the materials used to create the work.
6. Specify the start and end times of the auction.
7. Specify the price in the auction currency US$.
Also in the settings, you can specify a bid increment amount and a reserve price, that is, a price below which you are not ready to sell the product. The client will not see it, but at a low rate, there will be an indication that the reserve price has not been reached, i.e. The product is not yet available for purchase.

How it works:
For example, you have a painting for which you would like to receive at least 200 US$.
This is the reserve price.
You enter 180 US$ as the starting price of the lot, and 200 US$ goes as the reserve price.

If the auction has started and one buyer clicks on the button with the first bid of 180 US$, then he will not buy the item until the price is lower than the reserve price, and he will have to bid again to reach the reserve price, otherwise, there will be no sale and the painting will be put up for sale again automatically within an hour after the end of the auction.

According to the terms of the auction, we recommend setting the time of the auction to 1 day with automatic putting it up for re-bidding after 1 hour.
With these settings, the auction will run fully automatically and you will be notified by email of all auction events.

Please be fair in trade.
•We do not allow shell trades so please be fair in your dealings and do not participate in your auctions as a fake customer/bidder.
The AA does not allow fake bids in order to ensure a fair online auction for all of our users. This includes, but is not limited to, bidding on your own and/or anyone linked with your merchandise.
You may not have anyone affiliated with your bid on your products, nor may you instruct someone else to bid on your items.

Transactions outside of the platform are not permitted.
Our users are not allowed to do anything, whether intentionally or unintentionally, to avoid paying AA payments.
It includes:
– making offers to buy or sell outside of the AA;
– providing links to or advertisements for websites, products, or catalogs that can be used to order products outside of the AA;
– requiring the Buyer to make additional purchases or agree to terms not included in our Terms & Conditions;
– terminating or non-performing contracts after a closed auction because the desired price was not met;
– Charging excessive shipping costs and additional fees not already included in the item’s price, or transferring the Seller’s fees on to the Buyer; and
– False cancellation of orders based on “Customer did not pay” or refusal to pay after a successful transaction.

Please contact us at if you have any questions